Tag: Advanced Pilotage

Tag: Advanced Pilotage

Advanced Pilotage

This 2-day Advanced Pilotage course is a higher-level course for people moving on from Day Skipper towards Coastal Skipper. It is therefore ideal for those who want to progress their night pilotage skills, but might not yet have the experience required for the Coastal Skipper course and is a good refresher course for candidates considering progressing towards Yachtmaster training or who are converting from sail to motor qualifications.

Regardless of whether you are driving at day or night, as skipper there are certain things you must be aware of and understand with regards to pilotage. These include buoyage, distinct structures ashore, varying depths, any distinctive shoreline and tidal considerations you might encounter en route to the harbour or marina.

You must also recognise what pilotage techniques you could utilise to enter your final destination, depending on what is available, what the risks are and taking into account any port or harbour regulations.

These pilotage techniques can include a combination of using transits, creating clearing lines and bearings to define safe or dangerous areas, back or head bearing to stay on your intended track, cross bearing to help identify a turn point, depth and contour lines and speed, time and distance.

Getting a real feel for how to use your chartplotter and radar is also going be beneficial, but it is equally important to understand the limitations of using Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receivers in pilotage.

  • A Seaman’s Guide to the Rules of the Road by JWW Ford
  • Waterproof clothing, Sunscreen
  • Duration: 2 days, Start and finish time: 09.30 to variable
  • Passage planning, Preparation for sea, Pilotage, Passage making and responsibility as a skipper (daylight hours), Use of radar, Boat handling, Dealing with adverse weather conditions, Dealing with emergency situations, Night cruising, Dinghies
  • Please contact us with the dates you would like to do the Advanced Pilotage course and we will try to arrange this for you